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4x4 Grow Tent

The 4 x4 Grow Tent is a valuable way to add a little growth to your space, this Grow Tent comes with a hydroponic reflector, which will help to create a healthy environment for plants to Grow in. The Tent also extends a non-toxic room box, which will help to keep your space safe.

4x4 Grow Tent Kit

The 4 x4 Grow Tent kit comes with a Grow tent, hydroponic plant box, and fabric production line, the kit offers a fantastic substitute to Grow your own plants in your home or office. The kit also includes an 1680 d oxford fabric grown Tent that is best-in-the-class for hydroponic growing, this 4 x4 Grow Tent is superb for growing indoors. It can support an 4-inch layer of soil, and can expand to 8 4 x4 hydroponic indoor plant box, the Tent can be easily customized to your needs with an advance four-in-one Grow system. The indoor Grow Tent is an enticing piece of gear for admirers who grove on to Grow plants indoors, this Tent can help you Grow your own plants in your home, and it is in like manner non-toxic and uncomplicated to use. The 4 x4 ft hydroponic reflective mylar non toxic plants flowers box is top-grade for lovers who covet to increase their plants production in their home, the 4 x4 Grow Tent kits come with four reflective mylar non-toxic indoor boxes to reflect your Grow tent's branding onto your building. This Grow Tent kit is valuable for admirers scouring for an innovative and durable substitute to impressive their space.