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Bed Tent

The bed tent is a portable, bed net that automatic pops up when it'sladen with your bed. It's best for those with children who are prone to bedding. The bed tent has a breathable fabric that prevents bedding and bacteria from coming in contact with your skin. The automatic netting will also keep you and your children free of disease.

Tent Bed

Tent bed is a bed that can be used for a small or large size. They come in different colors and styles. Some people use them to sleep in while others use them to sleep in a space for. The sleeping position can be child, innerspring, oradult. They come with a quilt and a light.

Bed Tents

This canopy bed tent is perfect for your camping or outdoor needs. It is a pop up tent that you can put in your space, and it has a different color canopies for each space. The tent can be used for sleep, and it is also a great way to keep your tenteers entertained. this tent is perfect for a soft andclose sleep. It is made out of high-quality netting and has a canopy to ensure a perfect sleep. It is also made of durable materials that will last for many years. the signature 4door indoor bed tent privacy play tent on bed gray twin is the perfect tent for those who love to be privacy and have access to their bed without having to worry about others' eyes on them. The tent is made with a two-level security system and pop-up door that make it difficult for others to obserate you while you're in your bed. The tent also has a horizontal ventilation system to keep the room temperature comfortable. this tent is the perfect size for sleeping in when your sleeping bag is not large enough to sleep on. The alvantor bed canopy sleeping tent is made of durable plastic and cottonzzo fabric for a comfortable sleep. The sleeping tent has two people capacity and can sleep up to six people.