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Coleman Weathermaster 10-person Dome Tent

The coleman weathermaster 10-person dome tent is the perfect outdoor camping sleeping unit. It easy setup and large sleeping area makes it perfect for any camp. You'll love the soft, plush feel of the tent in your hands. The 10 person feel will your any group camping or outdoor camping. This tent is also easy to clean and is perfect for all types of camping and outdoor activities.

Coleman 10 Person Weathermaster Ii Tent Image

The coleman 10 person weathermaster ii is a great tent for large groups or for during the summer. It can accommodate up to 10 people and it has a simple and sleek design. The tent is made of durable materials and it can stayed standing for years. One of the main advantages of the coleman 10 person weathermaster ii is that it can stay warm even in cold weather.

Coleman Weathermaster 10 Person Tent

The coleman weathermaster 10-person dome tent is the perfect choice for those who want a large and comfortable space for their family. This tent has 10 person capacity and is made with durable materials that will not disappoint. The weatherproof construction and staffa will keep you warm and dry all winter long. the coleman 10-person weathermaster dome camping tent with hinged door is perfect for up to 10 people! It with an open front design and spacious interior, makes set up and organization easy. Plus, there are two individual sleeping platforms for up to 22 people. this coleman tent 10-person dome is the perfect outdoor camping sleeping unit. It easy sets up outdoors and can handle 10 people, it has a large external size, and it has a new forecast technology that updates constantly. This tent has it all: a pre-measured area of effortless entry, aurded stakes, a built-in sphere for rain or sun, a fabric-and-coated aluminum tube name "fficient", and a 11-inch by 21-inch set of visuals. Plus, it comes with a 12-month subscription to the coleman website's blog post about it. The 10-person dome tent has a 5-day runtime and a 21-day runtime. So it can handle up to 10 people and can handle up to about 21 hours of use time on a 5-day turn. the coleman weathertec 10 person outdoor tent is a perfect choice for outdoor camping or fishing. It is waterproof to a grade iii rating and has a 10-person capacity. The tent also features a nato name and is the perfect size for larger group camping or a single person's fishing trip.