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French F1 Commando Tent

This Tent is an outstanding solution for people who wish to be in the action without having to worry about being cramped, the French F1 lightweight nylon Commando Tent is fabricated of 100% nylon and braid, meaning it is straightforward to care for and is even facile to clean. With everything included, this Tent is a peerless alternative for somebody searching for an authentic feel for life in the French army.

French Army Tents

The French army tents are top-notch for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who need a small, effortless to store and carry bag, the Tent features a backpack shelter design with a small size that is practical for day hikers or outdoor enthusiasts. The Tent also features an integral fly for facile access to the outdoors, the French F1 man Tent is a practical choice for shoppers hunting for a marketable product. It renders a modern look and feel, making it the French military surplus 2 man F1 pup Tent is top-of-the-heap for backpacking sheltering in, it is an excellent Tent for French military digging to take on a sheltering in the open. The French F1 Commando Tent is a top choice for lovers searching for a durable and affordable backpacking shelter, this Tent is outstanding for lovers who desire to explore french-speaking countries or who ache to spend less money. The French F1 Commando Tent is manufactured out of durable materials and features a tan fabric that will make you feel comfortable in any situation.