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Hot Vent Tent Heater

Looking for a substitute to warm up your house during the winter? There's no need to go without the Hot Vent Tent heater! This pot-based Heater is dandy for portable Heater burnishing your home during the early hours of the morning, the built-in allows for rapid rise and fall of heat, while the mid-geforce tech keeps your laptop warm even when your home is minus-40 degrees fahrenheit. So let your laptop be your warm center in the early hours of the morning, and don't worry about being cold - the Hot Vent Tent Heater is excellent for that.

Zodi Hot Vent Tent Heater

Hot Vent Tent heater, a stovetop heating and cooking accessory to help keep your winter home warm. This is a first-class piece of camping gear if you admire cold weather and want to feel comfortable and prepared for the winter season, the stove grill is produced of high-quality wood and can easily accommodate a large crowd. The Hot Vent Tent Heater can quickly heat up to 20 degrees fahrenheit and cook food quickly and easily, it's a top-notch piece of camping gear for suitors cold winter days. This is a temperature controlled stovetop oven that you burn shop or food on, the Vent pipe kit can be added to evey stove to create a variety of winter ovens. The kit includes air controller, thermostat and filters, this is a very simple and efficient alternative to keep your Tent warm during the winter weather. The Heater uses power from the stove to start, and the Vent pipe kit ensures that the heat quickly and easily reaches the tent, this kit also includes a Vent window to allow for air to escape.