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Ozark Trail Instant Shower Tent

The Ozark Trail 2-room Instant Shower utility shelter is new - free shipping, this item is a top-of-the-line addition to your home and will help keep your family warm and comfortable.

Ozark Trail Two Room Shower Tent

The Ozark Trail 2-room camping Instant Shower utility shelter outdoor privacy Tent is top-of-the-line for two people, it imparts two rooms, each with a camping sheet and permanent fabric surface. The tent's built-in sunscreen is sure to keep you going during those long, hot days by the trail, your family will appreciate this easy-to-use trailer camping shelter. This is an enticing campground for shoppers with a quick shower, the Ozark Trail 2-room camping Instant Shower is uncomplicated to set up and is a valuable surrogate to add a little luxury to your campground experience. With two rooms, this trailer camping shelter can hold up to four people, this Tent is a top-grade alternative for lovers who enjoy to go camping and enjoy the convenience of going outside to Shower and eat. This Tent comes with an 2-room system that allows for 2 people to work together, one person is responsible for the outside world while the other person is inside working on the tent. This Tent is superb for admirers who desire to go camping and want the convenience of having both people working on the tent, this Ozark Trail camping Instant Shower Tent grants 2 rooms to Shower in, and is outdoor privacy against other campers. It is a top-of-the-heap alternative for lovers who admire the woods and want to avoid meet other campers, this Tent also includes a Tent for outdoor privacy, for people who itch to avoid other campers.