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Tent Repair Tape

This tent repair tape is a great transparent tpu tent that is waterproof and has a universal awning design. It comes with a patch to fit most awning sizes. It is also hideously easy to use, just put it on and go. This tent is perfect for any type of camping orrei business.

Top 10 Tent Repair Tape

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Best Tent Repair Tape

This kit includes: a waterproof tent repair canvas awning sail kites adhesive patches tape kit us. this tent repair tape is made of tenacious nylon which is meant to last. It has a light-release system and a strong adhesive power. The tape can be easily peeled off of the tent and needs to be used with care as it is a very strong adhesive. It is a one-size-fits-all tape that can be used on all nlucent tent types. It has three rounds of tenacious stitching for a strong connection.