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Vivosun Grow Tent

This Grow Tent is a sterling surrogate to start you garden, with its observation window and floor tray, you'll be able to optimize your plants' Grow environment. The Tent is furthermore non-toxic, so you can be sure that your plants will be safe and healthy.

Vivosun Grow Tent Ebay

The Vivosun Grow Tent is fantastic for admirers who are hunting for a strong and bright Grow light, the Tent presents 2 light posts, 24 x36 inches, and can be customized to create an enticing Grow light for your property. This 12-pack of Vivosun Grow tents is designed to help you Grow your business to the next level, with 12 Grow tents, you can easily and quickly achieve your business goals. Each Tent is a good for a size for a growing business, home or library, the 12 x12 x12 Grow tents are effortless to set up and will help you Grow your business to its next level. This Vivosun Grow Tent grants an inline fan that is designed to help keep the room temperature up, the Grow Tent gives an air ducting kit that helps keep the air clean and fresh. The Grow Tent also extends a carbon filter that helps to keep the air clean and fresh, this Vivosun Grow Tent is an excellent alternative to Grow your plants in the sun! It's a total of $96 x96 in size so it's first-class for larger apartments or houses. The led Grow light is just right for growing plants in the sun! It's an excellent addition to all Grow Tent and can produce powerful colors such as orange, yellow, and red.