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Eureka Tent Pole Replacement

If you've been having trouble with your Tent Pole getting loose and falling off your rack, then you're not alone, some people just aren't to deal with the hassle and try to find a new source for the pole. Check out our Eureka Tent Pole Replacement pin for that goal, this pin is excellent for folks who itch to keep their Tent in good condition no matter how long it may be out there on the market. The new Eureka Tent Pole Replacement pin is an essential for people who covet to keep their Tent poles digging good and feel good in new condition.

Eureka Tent Poles

These poles are for the Eureka north face and tent, if you’re having to operate the you’ll need to get a new set of poles. These Tent Pole Replacement fiberglass versions of the Eureka solitaire Tent are exceptional alternative for folks who lose or damage their original Tent pole, this is especially important granted that traveling with your Eureka solitaire Tent on your route. The new Tent Pole is produced of durable aluminum and provides an 12 ft, length which is best-in-the-class for any travel. This Eureka solitaire Tent Pole Replacement pin is for the timberline alpine meadows tents, it is manufactured from durable plastic and is designed to protect against sharp edges and this pin offers an of 1/8". It is exceptional for use in close proximity to the Tent pole, this is a Replacement kit of 2 for the Eureka 9. 5 mm 38 fiberglass Tent pole, it includes a Tent Pole and its own stand off mount. The Pole is in excellent condition and is excellent for a new or anniversary tent.