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Surplus Wood Tent Poles

The surplus camp camping section offers 6 wood tent poles in military condition for your camping adventures. Thesepols are of good quality and will help make your camping trip a lot easier. Plus, the metal 9 stakes and the 10 metal stakes make them reliable and durable.

Best Surplus Wood Tent Poles

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Surplus Wood Tent Poles Amazon

This set of three us military pup tent pole shelter half poles mosquito net pole vgc is perfect for using as a shelter when you are out of range of a mosquito net or pup tent. The black and red polos have a modern look and feel and are made to last with long lasting obstine material. The poles are about 30in long and tentsi. Com is about 25in long. The set also includes a book on how to make a mosquito net which is a great added feature. the tucker mfgr ridge beam tent pole is a great choice for those looking for a durable and reliable tent pole. The steel reinforced construction means that you can trust this pole to last. Plus, the high strength standards of the usa military make it a perfect choice for weak sides of homes or businesses. this surplus wood tent pole set comes in 10 metal stakes and is made for the us army. It is perfect for camp, camping or any outdoor activity. Durable tent pole that is perfect for summer camping.