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Car Tent Garage

This the Car shed is an unrivaled solution for your Car Garage or carport! It can hold up to 10 cars, and can be easily converted to a shelter for additional cars, the Car shelter renders an 15 x8 inch storage area, and can be easily attached to the tree or garden with our included tree concealing fabric.

Car Canopy Tent

This Car shelter can be customized to tailor an 10 x20 Car garage, and provides a shockproof enclosure for people and cars, the large Tent can beemen this Tent carport is manufactured from 10 x10 carports with a canopy party Tent system. It features 30 sqft of space for storage, and an open design for facile access to the Garage and carport, the Tent renders a white canopies with 30 x30 mm windows, making it an effortless alternative for travelling friends and family. This carport Tent is an 10 x20 Tent made of portable heavy-duty fabric, it can be used for storage, to cover a garage, or even a Car park. The Tent extends a steel frame that is top-of-the-line for both protection and size, this 10 x20 Tent carports are peerless for heavy duty camping or carports. The durable steel frame makes them strong and durable, while the green and black color will always look nice in any garage, the Tent can be easily converted to a carport with the addition of a few pieces of wood and a fishing net.