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Polish Lavvu Tent

The polishes add a touch of luxury to evey tent, whether you’re hunting to take your style up a notch or just feel more confident in the dark, these ponchos add a touch of polish.

Canvas Poncho Tent

The canvas poncho Tent is puissant for admirers scouring for a large, durable Tent that can handle a lot of use, this Tent is designed as a result of the increasing number of tourists who are hunting for a more sturdy, long-lasting unit. It comes in different sizes, each with the ability to Tent up to 4 people, the poncho also grants a number of benefits that make it an ideal alternative for today's travel market. This Tent set is for 2 people and is produced of heavy-duty fabric, it provides a hard shell finish and is produced to resist damage. The Tent can hold 2 people and renders a half-poncho shape for solitude, it is furthermore uncomplicated to clean and is superb for an army. This Tent is a must-have for caving group! It offers a big and comfortable space to take in the views, and can accommodate up to six people, it is exquisite for spending a relaxing day under the sun or under the trees, or exploring the cave system. This canvas Tent is the largest in its class and is fantastic for events or for privacy, with its large size and traverse system platform, this Tent makes a peerless buy for any event or privacy need.