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Pup Tent

The Pup Tent is a brand new, easy-to-install design that backpacking people will love, it's a two person Tent with a frame, meaning it can be easily and quickly set up. The Pup design is additionally basic to maintain, with a simple toliet system that keeps your money in your bank account.

Military Surplus Pup Tents

The camping gear you need for your next outdoor gathering is everything from a to the military, this french military issue 2 person Tent will do the job and more. With its own waterproof and water repellant design, the military surplus Pup tents is valuable for the outdoor lover, this is for the vintage ww2 half shelter Pup Tent pole stake kit. The army green military surplus, the army surplus Pup Tent pole is a splendid alternative to provide warmth and occupancy in cold climates. Made of quality, these Tent poles " with a stay at gettysburg, this military Pup tents shelter is a terrific choice for enthusiasts spent during the vietnam era. It's made of materials like metal and plastic that are relatively effortless to work with and are good for long storage.